Tai Chi

Yang Style crimson1a006001
Origin: China

Tai Chi Chuan may be translated as “Grand Inner-Strength (by moving the) Fists.” Hundreds of years of trial and error have produced a timeless exercise program that is easily practiced to: boost energy levels, reduce resistance and make everyday movement easier, increase stamina and reduce stress, self-massage the internal organs and increase balance through correct body movement, enhance coordination, and expand awareness. This allows us to use what was based on interesting techniques for self-defense into a system that some recent studies have shown to reduce chances of accidental falls, improve digestion and circulation, and even reduce and postpone the effects of Alzheimer’s, as well as lower the chances for stroke.

Tai Chi Training Schedule

>Supervised Open Training
SAT: 9:00am-9:45am > Tai Chi Chuan
Noon-1pm > Supervised Open Training