Policies and Fees

We accept cash or personal checks. You may start at any time – fees will be pro-rated. First three months fees are due at registration.

Fee Schedule (per month)

NEW – Women’s Kickboxing: $30 (June special 2 for 1 so bring a friend)

Full Membership: $50
Includes: Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and CMA Circuit Training

Isshinryu Karate: $45

Wu Xing Five Animals Kung Fu: $45

Adult Samurai Weapons & Jujutsu: $35

Kids CMA Class Combined Martial Arts Circuit Training: $35

Tai Chi Chuan: $25

Yoga: $20

Deep discounts for Immediate Family Members: for large families of any size, rates top out at no more than $90. Ask about our current promotions!